(5-9 Axes Tube Laser Cutting)
OD 152 mm

Products Description
Laser Cutting Line for Tubes and Profiles
Cutting capacity up to OD 152 mm

With SOCO SLT-152-FIBER, multiple jobs such as straight and angle cutting, slotting, marking, notching, and hole making are possible in one single process. SLT-152-FIBER is a fully automatic tube laser system able to cut round, square, rectangular, oval, and 50+ different tube and profile shapes.

SOCO Tube Laser Cutting Systems bring the latest technology in tube and profile processing, ensuring high levels of automation, flexibility, and performance. 

  • Capacity up to OD 152 mm
  • Cutting Lengths up to 3M / 4.5 M / 6M
  • Wall thickness up to 6 mm (1 kW – Standard) / 9 mm (2 kW – optional)
  • Automatic Bundle Loading System with Material Alignment
  • Automatic Unloading System
  • Equipped with 1 kW (Standard) or 2 kW (Optional) Laser Resonator
  • Multi-Axis CNC Controls with Touch Screen Interface
  • SOCO CAD-CAM system for Tubes and Profiles with built-in Nesting
  • SOCO i2 (Intelligent Interface) 3D CNC Controls
  • Cutting Round, Square, Rectangular, Oval, and 50+ different profile shapes
  • Enclosed Workstation for maximum safety
  • Automatic Distance Control
  • Laser Resonator + Cutting Head Cooling
  • Vacuum Chip Extraction System
  • Material Scanning + Automatic Compensation
  • Seam Detection (optional)
  • Mandrel for Spatter extraction (optional)


Laser Tube Cutting for Various Shapes

  • Round Tube
  • Square Tube
  • Rectangular Tube
  • Oval Tubes
  • L-shaped profiles
  • C-shaped profiles
  • Mild Steel, Stainless Steel, and Aluminium materials

Automation Working Processes

  • 1. Automatic Tube Bundle Loading
  • 2. Automatic Material Alignment
  • 3. Automatic Feeding and Rotation
  • 4. Fiber Laser Cutting
  • 5. Unloading

Typical Laser Cutting Processes

  • Straight + Angle Cutting
  • Slotting
  • Marking
  • Notching
  • Hole Making

SOCO IRMS (Internet Remote Monitoring System)

  • True Remote Access from Anywhere:  Connect to i2 Controls using any mobile device, computer, or laptop (Windows, iOS, or Android) from any location with Internet Access.
  • Actual Screen + Real-Time Access to laser tube cutting file, with full ability to see, edit and troubleshoot all user-created programs.
  • Live Remote Connection to Manufacturer and Service Support with Ability to Call + Message + Record at the same time.
  • Maintenance Scheduling Systems:

– Advanced Table with Detailed Maintenance Items;
– Customizable Alarms for Daily, Weekly, Quarterly, and Yearly Items;
– Maintenance Records connected to User Login;

  • Built-in Self-diagnostics + Error message display + I/O Tables with Descriptions
  • Webcam Ready for Video Monitoring (Optional)


Seam Detector Tubes and Profiles (Optional)


Technical Data

Model Cutting Capacity (mm) Axis Laser Source (Standard) Interested
SLT-152-FIBER-5A OD20 ~ 152 5 1kW Inquiry
SLT-152-FIBER-9A OD20 ~ 152 9 1kW Inquiry