Short Lengths
(25 ~ 350 mm)

Products Description
The DEF Series is ideal for chamfering short working lengths from 25 mm to 300 mm. With an optional BTM, the machines offer a completely automatic loading, feeding, and chamfering process. This range is suitable for clean and even chamfer at both ends of the tube, as well as the radius (round), chamfering and chamfering both the inside and the outside of the material. It can also be used for chamfering solid bars.


Automatic Loading, Feeding and Chamfering. Fully Automatic Loading, Feeding and Chamfering

  • Fully automatic chamfering system, with 2 types of loading magazine:
  1. Rack – Sliding Magazine (Standard)
  2. BTM – Bundle Loading Magazine (Optional)
  • External and internal chamfering with facing in one process for double sides of tube, with optional radius (round) chamfering.
  • Optional motorized length adjusting and RPM speed inverter

Min. 25mm Working Length

Ability to inside + outside ( I/O ) chamfer as deep as 15mm or angles as small as 15 degrees

  • Inside + Outside Chamfering
  • Facing
  • Centering
  • Deep Chamfering
  • Radius Chamfering

CE Safety Cover


Technical Data

Model Working Length (mm) Working Capacity (mm) Loading Magazine Interested
DEF-FA60SS 25 ~ 300 OD 16 ~ 60 Rack (Standard) / BTM (Optional) Inquiry
DEF-FA85SS 25 ~ 300 OD 25 ~ 85 Rack (Standard) / BTM (Optional) Inquiry