Trunk Hinge
Tube Benders Designed for
Trunk Hinge Production

Products Description
The V CNC Tube Benders Series combines Draw, Roll, and 1D Bending technology. This combination allows two different fixed radii and multiple large roll bending radii in a single part, as well as a programmable carriage boost for CLR = 1D Bending. Integrated with Individual Pressure Die Assist Systems in each draw bending stack, it brings superior performance and flexibility.

The MRV series tube bender offers small radius bending + Roll bending + 1D Bending in the same machine.


Tube Bender for Car Trunk Hinge

Tube Bender for Car Trunk Hinge

Advanced DGT. Most efficient and stable bending process.

  1. Chain free transmission
  2. Built-in gearbox with direct connection to electric servo
  3. Highest transmission performance (90%+ efficiency)
  4. High bending accuracy ( +- 0.05° ~ +-0.1° )
  5. Maximum Working Area = Minimal Interference
  6. Elongated neck for superior clearance
  7. Side carriage and bending head

SOCO i2 Controls, Software and Operation Interface

  1. Automatic spring back compensation
  2. Recapturing function for short lengths
  3. XYZ and YBC coordinates conversion
  4. 3D display and rotation of bending parts
  5. Mirroring and image reversal of parts
  6. Windows platform
  7. Self-diagnostics + Error messages display
  8. Connection and auto tube bending compensation to CMM systems
  9. Overmode + Teach Mode
  10. Live remote monitoring by internet
  11. Remote troubleshooting
  12. Connection though PC, Mobile Phone and Tablet
  13. Tube bending interference and collision simulator
  14. SOCO CAD Reader
  15. VRM : Variable Radius Measuring System

SOCO IRMS (Internet Remote Monitoring System)

  1. True Remote Access from Anywhere:  Connect to i2 Controls using any mobile device, computer or laptop (Windows, iOS or Android) from any location with Internet Access.
  2. Actual Screen + Real Time Access to tube bending file, with full ability to see, edit and troubleshoot all user created programs.
  3. Live Remote Connection to Manufacturer and Service Support with Ability to Call + Message + Record at the same time.
  4. Maintenance Scheduling Systems
  • Advanced Table with Detailed Maintenance Items
  • Customizable Alarms for Daily, Weekly, Quarterly and Yearly Items
  • Maintenance Records connected to User Login

5.  Built-in Self-diagnostics + Error messages
    display + I/O Tables with Descriptions
6.  Webcam Ready for Video Monitoring

3D Display and Rotation of Tube Bending Parts

  1. XYZ and YBC coordinates conversion
  2. Mirroring and image reversal of parts


Technical Data

Model Bending Capacity (mm) Axis Stacks Interested
SB-Trunk Hinge Master OD 63.5 7 6 Inquiry